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About Spins

Different people, different tastes... different Fedoras.

What is a spin? Fedora spins are alternate versions of Fedora, tailored for various types of users via hand-picked application sets and other customizations.

For example, the Fedora Games spin is aimed at providing gamers with the ultimate set of free & open source games, out of the box. The Fedora Electronic Lab consists of a hand-picked set of free & open source tools and applications for high-end hardware design and simulation.

Spins first became available with the release of Fedora 7 in May 2007. The spin creation process as well as maintenance of spins is managed by the Fedora Spins SIG.

Which Fedora is for you? Find out by browsing our directory of spins and trying one out!

How do you use a spin?

Using the ISO file provided for the spin you're interested in, you can create a CD or DVD that will boot into the spin when you insert it into a computer and turn it on or reboot. Alternatively, using that same ISO file, you can also create a bootable USB stick which will also boot into the spin when you insert it into a computer and turn it on or reboot.

One thing to remember when you run a spin off of a CD or DVD is that as you use the system, any additional applications you install will not be there when you reboot your computer - there isn't any way to work around this because you cannot write out to bootable CD or DVD media. Additionally, any files you save will be lost when you reboot because Fedora runs off of the media, it doesn't access your hard drive.. When using CD or DVD bootable spins, you should always make sure you save your files to an external device such as a USB key or USB hard drive. (Learn more about creating and using bootable CD or DVD media for spins here.)

When you use a USB stick to boot your spin, you have an extra option to save some of the disk space on the USB stick as permanent storage. If you choose to create the media for your spin this way, then any applications you've install on your running spin, and any files you save to disk will still be present when you reboot your computer, as long as you don't go over the amount of available free space on your USB stick. (Learn more about creating and using bootable USB sticks for spins here.)

Whether you've decided to use CD, DVD, or USB media to run your spin, you can choose to run the spin off of the media without affecting your computer's hard drive, or you can use it to install Fedora directly to your hard drive.

Why use a spin?

There are a few common reasons Fedora users use spins:

How do I create my own spin?

More information on creating spins is available on the Fedora wiki.

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