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Adam Miller, Xfce Desktop

Xfce is an open source desktop environment with the goals to be simple and fast, it is a wonderful solution to making your desktop environment faster while still being extremely customizable and feature rich. Xfce has a very clean interface, its simple but not so simple that its lacking, and it has an overall professional feel to it.

Chitlesh Goorah, Fedora Electronic Lab

At the very beginning, there was neither the intention for a Fedora Electronic Lab nor its spin. During my post-graduate studies in Micro-Nano Electronic Engineering, I needed VLSI simulation tools. I started packaging the VLSI simulation tools for Fedora, which I needed for my studies. Then MirjamWaeckerlin and my lecturers in Strasbourg, France, encouraged the concept of introducing Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Design Flows on Fedora, so that they can recommend to other students or use those tools themselves.